Welcome to Rojo

When people ask us "what kind of restaurant do you have?" we like to answer that we have "a beach bar with really great food." We never aimed to create a 'fancy' restaurant (a bit of a misnomer we were tagged with in our early days) nor the most applauded restaurant or anything like that. We wanted to make the kind of place we'd go to ourselves, where you can relax, a place where the food speaks for itself and a place that people would want to come back to again and again. By and large it seems we've succeeded.

Everything we serve is made from scratch, our kitchen and staff is small and we all cook in the mindset that on any given day the restaurant is only as good as the worst dish we put out. We do our best to utilize what's fresh, local and in season. Some of the produce we serve we grow ourselves (that arugula on your plate was probably picked when your order ticket came in.) We cook very deliberately. Personally speaking, I've never sent a dish back in a restaurant with the complaint that there is "too much flavor in it." We try to keep this in mind.

Our kitchen here at Rojo was designed very intentionally an open one… partly because I enjoy the breeze and view (and the frustration of seeing bonefish tailing while I am in the kitchen cooking) but also because we like to get to know and interact with the people we're cooking for. Despite the occasional scowl on my face (uh sorry, at that moment, the wontons were probably sticking to the pan) and occasional expletive coming out of my mouth (F-in God damn F-in wontons) I'm actually a really nice guy. Feel free to step up to the pass and say hello.

-Chef Jeff


Our Food

We like to eat a whole lot of different foods. Our menu is a reflection of that. We grew up in households where creative cooking was the norm. Living in San Francisco before making the move to Belize, we had a world of delicious options at our fingertips (amazing late night dive MX food in the Mission, ridiculously fresh seafood, the best sushi on the planet –Ariake @Geary and 14th if you're interested, and some of the most impeccably crafted cuisine served just about anywhere.) We enjoyed and immersed ourselves in this world as oft as possible. Thus, when the day came that we moved to Belize to open a restaurant of our own, there was really only one slight sticking point: save for the odd dishwasher and cocktail slinging jobs, neither of us had any real restaurant experience! To overcome this we hired a pair of chefs. We fired them right as we opened our doors. This proved one of the better decisions we've ever made. In the mindset of 'sometimes it's better to fail at your own hands than someone else's we wholeheartedly seized the reins. So where as today we still might not really know the proper technique to cook say pieds et paquets, well… who cares? What we do know is what tastes REALLY GOOD. The items on our menu are the result of years of fastidiously experimenting, tasting and refining: Braising local pork belly in Belikin stout with allspice, chili and juniper? Delicious! Szechuan pepper on spiny lobster with stir fried chaya? Fantastic! Conch made into sausage for topping pizza that is NOT as chewy as a tire? Who woulda thought! We run daily specials when they're warranted and when we're inspired. You can see some of our more stalwart menu items here:

Rojo Lounge Lunch PDF
Rojo Lounge Dinner PDF

Special dietary needs/restrictions/requests? We'll do our best. Please call us in advance.


Drink up

There's something universally appealing about the iconic beach bar. Stunning sea views, the cooling breeze off the water, frosty beers & cold rum drinks sipped while slouched on wobbly bar stools, sitting barefoot in the sand, sleepy sandy dogs lounging in the shade, a hammock or two calling your name & crackly tropical tunes playing over the radio…

At Rojo Louge we do our best to do the beach bar the justice it deserves. Cocktails are crafted with the same care and attention we give to our food. Our juices and mixes are fresh. Our bloody mary's spicy and hearty. We never use cheap well liquor. Our wine is served chilled. Our beer is served cold. We pride ourselves on having a deep bar selection, not just for a beach bar in Belize but for a bar anywhere. If you're lucky, The Ferminator might even flip and juggle a bottle or two for you.


BBQ's to banquets

Simply put, you'd be hard pressed to find a better location on Ambergris Caye for a beachfront event than Rojo Lounge. From casual bbq's to wedding receptions to dinners for 100, we have the experience, staff and equipment required to make any event memorable and a success. Note, 'success' to us does not equate to bland food scooped from a luke warm buffet line. We go through incredible lengths to make sure the food and drink you'll enjoy is of the same quality we serve our restaurant guests on any given night. Furthermore we have Fin, our manager. If Fin cannot make your event fabulous, no one can. Leave the planning to us and actually ENJOY your special day. Photography optionaly provided by renowned local photographer Olivera Rusu.


Ready made deliciousness

We realize that a lot of times, even when fully in 'vacation mode', people might not feel like eating out. That does not mean however, that you want to hoof it around town in the dust and heat to grocery shop, nor spend a sunny afternoon indoors dicing and slicing. Let us do that for you. At Rojo MRKT (located inside at Rojo Lounge) we have all kinds of fresh produce, fresh made burritos, salsas, snacks, beer, soda, mixers and just about everything you might need to enjoy an evening 'at home' while you're on vacation. We also have take and bake pizzas and fresh frozen items… and certainly don't forget our homemade ice cream!!!

Have a larger group that you need to feed? Ask us about our 'ready made' meals to go. All the quality you'd expect from Rojo Lounge packed conveniently for you to heat and serve at home.


Come on in...

You don't need a reservation for Rojo Lounge. In fact, we don't take them (save for special events, tasting menus and such.) Most of the times (except perhaps the busiest seasons of the year) there's not ever too long of a wait. If there is a wait, well, chances are you're on vacation, so what's the rush? I mean we built a pool for our guests after all. There are far worse things you could be doing than sitting at a beach bar with a frosty drink in your hand, waiting for a table to open up. Patience. We go through great lengths to do things right, not to cut corners. In the words of John Wooden, "If you don't have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?"

Rojo Lounge is open Tuesday through Saturday. Occasionally we'll stay open on Sundays/Mondays, but it's certainly best to call ahead. We open at noon for lunch. Lunch ends at 3:00 though the bar stays open all day. Dinner starts at 6:00 and runs until late.

We're located about 5 ½ miles north of town center. You can reach us by water taxi, golf cart or bike.

To contact us call
(local) 226 4012
International 011 501 226 4012.

You can e-mail us at info@azulbelize.com